From Oyster cards to the Overground – London mayoral candidates talk Newham transport

Candidates for Mayor of London 2016. Pictures: PA Images (various)

Candidates for Mayor of London 2016. Pictures: PA Images (various) - Credit: PA Images

Just over a month remaining until voters take to the polls and decide who they would have at the capital’s helm. Our handy guide shows you what six of the candidates would scrap, save and support when it comes to how we get around our city...

Sian Berry, Green Party

Sian Berry, Green Party - Credit: Archant

Sian Berry, Green Party

1) River crossings – “Road crossings at the Silvertown Tunnel and Gallions Reach will only increase traffic and therefore make congestion and pollution in the borough worse. I’ll invest the same money into public transport crossings instead”

George Galloway, Respect. Picture:PA/Lewis Whyld

George Galloway, Respect. Picture:PA/Lewis Whyld - Credit: PA WIRE

2) Overground extensions – “I’ll extend the Overground from Barking to Abbey Wood which will open up a new river crossing for people in Newham too”

3) Buses – “I will invest in better, cleaner buses for every borough and I’ll increase bus capacity on overcrowded routes. I’ll also make bus travel cheaper with my One Ticket which will treat changing from the bus to the Tube or Overground as one journey”

Zac Goldsmith, Conservatives. Picture: Andrew Parsons/i-Images

Zac Goldsmith, Conservatives. Picture: Andrew Parsons/i-Images - Credit: Andrew Parsons / i-Images

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4) Emirates Air Line – “I’ll include the cable car in the Oyster pay-as-you-go cap, freedom passes and travelcards to make it more affordable to people undertaking everyday travel”

5) City Airport – “I’ll close City Airport and redevelop it as a new quarter for homes and jobs. This won’t make travel harder - Heathrow will be in easy reach once Crossrail opens – but it will remove a health and noise blight on Newham”

Sadiq Khan, Labour. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Sadiq Khan, Labour. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire - Credit: PA WIRE

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George Galloway, Respect

1) River crossings – “I will cancel the Garden Bridge, and make much more use of the river as a means of transport”

Caroline Pidgeon, Labour

Caroline Pidgeon, Labour - Credit: Archant

2) Overground extensions – “I will bring all London Underground and train services together under one publicly owned body”

3) Buses – “All journeys taking place only within zones 5 and 6 will be free. All students (school, university or college) will travel free on all London bus routes”

Peter Whittle, Ukip

Peter Whittle, Ukip - Credit: Archant

4) Emirates Air Line – “I will make the cost no more expensive than an equivalent Tube fare for all residents of the adjacent boroughs (Newham and Greenwich)”

5) City Airport – “There will be no further extension of City Airport”

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative

1) River crossings – “The lack of river crossings in east London is holding up house building and causing congestion on the roads, so through my Action Plan for Greater London I will back new crossings, and I will use them to ensure they are part of the solution to air pollution problems”

2) Overground extensions – “I will protect investment in our transport network unlike Sadiq Khan whose £1.9bn funding black hole would mean crucial extensions that I will deliver like taking the Overground to Barking Riverside would be scrapped”

3) Buses – “As well as ensuring we clean up London’s whole bus fleet to tackle air pollution, I will conduct an immediate review into the network with the aim of easing congestion on the busiest routes and improving reliability in those areas most dependent on bus services”

4) Emirates Air Line – “Backing proper investment in transport projects is vital if we are to keep our economy strong and protect jobs, which is why I will keep the cable car will open”

5) City Airport – “Thousands of London businesses rely on the economic activity, and critical links that City Airport provides. It isn’t realistic to close it as some have proposed”

Sadiq Khan, Labour

1) River crossings – “As London expands, I support more river crossings, particularly east of Tower Bridge. But we must ensure local residents are fully consulted on new crossings and that they promote cycling, walking and greater use of public transport”

2) Overground extensions – “The London Overground model is one which is working. That’s why I’ll push hard for Transport for London to take over responsibility for more commuter routes and extend the London Overground model, getting to grips with the awful service too many Londoners have to put up with on a daily basis”

3) Buses – “I will freeze fares on London’s buses and introduce a new Hopper bus ticket, so people can change buses as many times as they like in one hour for the price of just one ticket”

4) Emirates Air Line – “I’ll end public subsidy for the cable car as soon as possible – it’s a hugely expensive and wasteful vanity project”

5) City Airport – “I’ll revisit the decision to block expansion at London City Airport – it provides thousands of jobs for Newham residents and is crucial to the local economy”

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrats

1) River crossings – “I oppose the proposed Silvertown tunnel, but support the Brunel Bridge, expanding the Woolwich Ferry and Supporting new public transport crossings over the Thames including the London Overground crossing the Thames from Barking Riverside​”

2) Overground extensions – “I supports the extension to Barking Riverside. She would develop plans for additonal tram, tube and rail services in areas currently undeserved by public transport”

3) Buses – “I would introduce free wi-fi on all buses and more express routes in to the centre at peak times. There would be more orbital services”

4) Emirates Air Line – “I would turn it into an integral form of public transport. It should start to accept relevant travelcards and an Oyster pay as you go fare should be the same price as a bus trip​”

5) City Airport – “I do not support expansion or any increase in the number of fights”

Peter Whittle, Ukip

1) River crossings – “I will scrap vanity projects such as the Garden Bridge, but will support the creation of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge in the area of the current Woolwich ferry”

2) Overground extensions – “I would proceed with Crossrail 2 only if a referendum in the areas affected shows it is backed by Londoners. UKIP is not convinced the capacity created will be enough by 2030 and is concerned about damage the proposed route will do to areas such as Wimbledon and Chelsea”

3) Buses – “I will introduce a 90-minute multiple-journey bus ticket”

4) Emirates Air Line – “I will take the gondola out of the TfL network, sell it off and invest the proceeds back into upgrading the existing public transport network”

5) City Airport – “If elected I will continue oppose the expansion of Heathrow, in favour of Gatwick and other regional/local airports”

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