Free breakfast in Beckton if your name is Chris Moyles or Nick Grimshaw

If your name is Chris Moyles or Nick Grimshaw then you can enjoy a free breakfast at the Winsor House Brewers Fayre in Beckton.

The offer is to mark the end of the legendary DJ’s run as presenter of BBC Radio 1’s iconic The Chris Moyles Show and to celebrate the new host of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show Nick Grimshaw.

The team at the Winsor House Brewers Fayre in Beckton is offering a free breakfast to anyone lucky enough to share their name with either of the two presenters.

Emma Price, a spokeswoman for Brewers Fayre said: “Chris Moyles is arguably the most successful breakfast radio presenter in history, and we’re all big fans of him here at Brewers Fayre. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this passing of the torch than by encouraging as many Chris Moyles’ and Nick Grimshaws to come and join us for the most important meal of the day.”

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