Forty day challenge gets Silvertown students reading

Twenty-five Year 7 students have accepted the challenge to complete Tolekein’s ‘The Hobbit’ in an ef

Twenty-five Year 7 students have accepted the challenge to complete Tolekeins The Hobbit in an effort to encourage students to read more often and more widely - Credit: Archant

Ambitious students at a Newham academy remain unfazed after signing up to a challenging reading quest.

Twenty-five year 7 students and four members of staff from Oasis Academy, Silvertown, plan to complete the literary classic, The Hobbit, in just 40 days.

The group is made up of a range of readers at different levels and abilities but everyone has been set the same target – to have read the entire book by Monday, March 2.

Charles Claxton, principal of Oasis Academy, said it is really encouraging to see students have taken an interest in reading.

He added: “Some of our students who previously disliked reading, have become avid readers. Others have been going away over the weekend and finishing a whole book.

“There’s a real buzz here and we could possibly get some really interesting feedback from the students.

“We hope, that by the end of the 40 days, we will have raised students’ aspirations and expectations, as well as helped develop their confidence as readers.”

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The idea behind the initiative came from pupils and teachers who thought it was important to develop a positive reading culture throughout the academy.

Despite a lack of facilities they managed to host the challenge without a school library.

Teachers are on hand to provide 1:1 support for any students struggling with the intellectual feat.

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