Forman & Son MD Lance Forman predicts the outcome of the US election


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In April this year not only had I correctly predicted the outcome of the Brexit vote but in relation to the US election I wrote: “Donald Trump will clinch it. He has been totally outrageous to date – racist, sexist and plain stupid – but the Americans love him.”

This, whilst most never thought he would win the Republican nomination.

There is a change sweeping across the western world. Whilst the rich have indeed got richer what they have also done is protect their positions through a partnership with the political establishment resulting in ever increasing regulation.

Political correctness has been forced upon people that they don’t understand and increasingly resent and the centrist political classes have introduced (increasingly unaffordable) welfare measures to keep the masses at bay as a way of saying “we know what’s best for you”.

The fact is, it simply hasn’t delivered.

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People feel patronised, frustrated and stuck and they no longer trust the political classes, the media or the corporate elites.

They don’t want to be nannied, they want to be free to think what they want to think, do what they want to do and compete fairly.

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Disruptive technology and social media has changed the rules of the game and people power is taking hold.

This is democracy at work and should be welcomed.

The campaign slogan of the Brexit campaign was “take back control”. This extends way beyond taking back control from the EU.

People want to take back control over their own lives.

Trump is no idealogue, is no academic and is no diplomat but he understands what drives people.

For better or for worse, he will be the next President of the US. More from Lance

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