Forman & Son MD Lance Forman on blue skies and the economy


- Credit: Archant

I received a phone call and in response to ‘Good morning Lance, how are you?’, I responded, ‘well the sky’s blue, so I’m happy’.

In fact as I said it, I thought to myself that I have responded in that way quite a lot recently.

And indeed, much of the time, the callers are in agreement – blue skies definitely make us happier.

We are having and enjoying an excellent spring – perhaps that is why people are feeling more positive and going out more, spending more and, as a result, the economy is improving.

Maybe the green shoots are more to do with the weather than George Osborne’s economic management.

So much focus by the government is on health, education, welfare, economic growth, but if only it could do something about the colour of the skies, our lives would be instantly enhanced.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be fighting global warming after all, let’s do what we can to encourage the sun to burn off the mist and fog to reveal the blue heavens above.

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After all, why do we want economic growth, why do we want to be richer?

It’s to be happier. Mr Cameron even now has a happiness index.

Money certainly doesn’t buy happiness, but a little bit of joy by way of blue skies seems to me to be where the focus should be and it works for all equally, rich and poor.

If the politicians think we can affect global warming, then why not work on cloud removal? Surely the scientists must be up to the challenge.

Having said all this, blue sky bliss is probably only a British phenomenon.

The Greeks have daily sunshine, but they bask in economic grey clouds. Obviously too much of a good thing is not so good either.