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It seems Jeremy Corbyn is the new front runner to be Labour leader, and this is putting all sorts of people on edge.

His views on renationalisation, hiking up taxes and government spending make Ed Miliband look like a Thatcherite. But there is something more alarming to me about him.

A few years ago Mr Corbyn invited members of Hamas and Hizbollah to a House of Commons meeting – radical Islamist organisations who explicitly state their desire to wipe Israel off the map, to kill Jews, homosexuals and “infidels”, and to see the downfall of the West.

In a prior meeting Mr Corbyn unequivocally stated that he had invited “our friends from Hizbollah…and our friends from Hamas”. You can see the video for yourself on YouTube. In a recent Labour leadership hustings Mr Corbyn justified his words by saying that he was “an inclusive sort of guy” and that there needs to be friendly dialogue with all parties in order to achieve peace. I wonder, do you think Mr Corbyn would have got away with this as easily if he would have referred to his “friends from ISIS?” …or his “friends from the Ku Klux Klan?”

Would his excuse of friendly dialogue and legitimisation have stood up then? I think not. When you are dealing with people who want you, or their opponents dead, and they will not compromise on this position (especially if it is religiously entrenched), then there is no dialogue to have.

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You cannot compromise with the uncompromising. And even if you insist on having a futile dialogue, to call them “friends” blurs the lines of moral integrity, and makes me question the underlying allegiances of those who do.

David Cameron recently said in his counter-extremism speech that: “If you say terror isn’t justified but suicide bombers in Israel are a different matter then you are part of the problem.”

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Indeed, people like Mr Corbyn will so often excuse extremist terrorism as simply a response to perceived colonial aggression – be it Israeli or Western.

What about Boko Haram in Nigeria? What about the attack on Charlie Hebdo or the kosher supermarket? What does that have to do with Western colonialism?

People need to recognise that radical Islam may have many names, and may feature differently in different regions, but it is the same uncompromising evil that wants all who oppose it dead – it can never be justified and the people involved can never be “our friends”. More from Lance

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