Forman & Son managing director Lance Forman doesn’t blame disaster on climate change


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I read with interest the recent flooding in the Lake District was caused by climate change.

Really? How did it get the name The Lake District if this fine part of the English countryside hadn’t been subject to unusually high levels of rainfall over many millennia?

It seems that every disaster nowadays can be linked to climate change. At the Paris Summit on climate change, Prince Charles claimed the war in Syria is a result of droughts in the region caused by changes in climate and, therefore, only by dealing with the climate will we reduce tensions in the world and presumably acts of terrorism. It seems that religious extremism, be it Middle-Age crusading, or modern day Islamism, has nothing to do with barbarous evil, we can all put it down to the weather. How very British. Forget foreign policy, let’s just look at the BBC weather reports.

The fact is, that climate change belief or denial is no different to religion. The science (and please don’t accept the nonsense that 95 per cent of scientists believe in man-made climate change; the others are simply silenced otherwise they don’t get their academic grants) is simply based on a future projection of past evidence, but the evidence is so short in the history of our planet as to render it unreliable.

And if there is to be climate change, why focus on the negative? The drying up of the Dead Sea in recent decades has led to a partnership by former enemies, Jordan and Israel, to create a joint project to rehydrate it. Climate change in this situation has been a force for peace and for good.

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Necessity is the mother of invention and the human race is the most resourceful of God’s creations.

Of course we will suffer from unexpected weather events as we always have done, but climate change, if there is such a thing, is a gradual phenomenon which we will learn to deal with as both we and it evolves. More from Lance

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