Forest Gate residents to meet with MEP

The Monega Association, a residents group for people living in the Katherine Road area, will be meeting an MEP on November 13.

Bob Rush, Chairman of the Monega Association, said he was delighted that Gerard Batten, Member of the European Parliament had agreed to meet with the Forest Gate residents.

Mr Rush said: “MEP’s are viewed as somewhat distant to the people who elect them, so we are absolutely delighted that one of our MEP’s for London has jumped at the chance of a face to face encounter with local people.The fact that we have a UKiP MEP makes the evening next week all the more fascinating”.

Also present on the night will be Detective Sargeant Considine of the Trident Squad.

The meeting will take place at St Edmunds, c/o Katherine Road and Halley Road at 7.30pm. Admission is �1 for non members.

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