Forest Gate police rescue birthday boy from rooftop

Callum is reunited with his mother for his sixth birthday after being rescued from the roof

Callum is reunited with his mother for his sixth birthday after being rescued from the roof - Credit: Archant

A boy perched precariously on the roof of a four-storey building was rescued by Forest Gate police officers on Wednesday.

The trio arrived in Grange Road to find little Callum May shivering, in shock and trapped on a 30ft roof – the day before his sixth birthday.

After throwing mum Kerry-Anne Wheeler’s dressing gown over him, officers decided urgent action was needed to bring him back to safety.

PC James Aspland spoke to Callum to gain his trust, before attaching a rope to himself and climbing on the 30ft roof.

PCs Daryl Jones and Terry Mole held the other end as their colleague gradually crawled to the boy’s rescue, before returning him to his thankful mum.

Kerry-Anne, 28, said she was relieved to have her son back safely.

“I nearly had a heart attack,” she admitted. “It was just a relief – an absolute relief – to have him back in my arms.”

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“When I got back she was hurting me because she was squeezing me too hard,” Callum, who claims that he fell onto the roof, said.

“I climbed on my bunk bed and slipped,” he added. “When I was out there I felt brave but I was cold.”

Thankfully Callum was home safe in time for his sixth birthday the next day – with mum and son sharing flowers, chocolates and cake down at the police station with the heroic rescuers to say thank you.

“He had a great time when I actually allowed him to have his presents – he was in a lot of trouble,” Kerry-Anne admitted.

“I got to speak to one of the men who helped him – Daryl Jones – and I made sure that Callum thanked him too.”

Inspector Joe Dyer, from Newham Borough police, commended the officers’ actions which he said demonstrated their dedication and bravery.

“PC Aspland risked his own life to bring the child to safety – he deemed it necessary to go above and beyond his duty,” he said.

“This bravery highlights the dedication and lengths that police officers go to in order to protect vulnerable people within the


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