Forest Gate film doesn’t go to Plan.

Hit rapper Plan B has come back to his old Forest Gate stomping ground to make his first feature film.

Shooting began in a secret location for the movie “Ill Manors” which is the musician’s directoral debut, which will come out under his real name Ben Drew.

But filming the scenes for the gritty urban drama, which started in September, is running behind schedule thanks to run-ins with local youths in the area.

Ben told The Sun: “During filming, we’ve had bolts and screws thrown at us from the top of council estate towers. We’ve been to crack houses where there are dirty needles lying around. And a gang were about 30 seconds from smashing my face in.”

“We were filming outside a station and brought attention to ourselves. One of out actors accidentally bumped into one of these kids and they just lost it.”

The 26-year-old is currently riding high on the back of the success of his last album The Defamation of Strickland Banks which sold over half a million copies.

He has also starred in front of the camera with parts in Noel Clarke’s acclaimed Adulthood and alongside Michael Caine in Harry Brown.

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But now Ben has returned back to his old neighbourhood to film the multi-character story that is set in the streets he grew up on with his council worker mum.

“Where I come from you’ve got to be tough. You have got to stand up for yourself. You’ve got no choice, otherwise you get walked over. I’ve been in tight situations and had to fight my way out.

“That’s the world that the film was depicting. And if there was anyone on that set who thought what I had written for this film was an exaggeration, they don’t think that now.”

The drama about respect and survival stars My Summer of Love’s Natalie Press and Riz Ahmed of Four Lions fame.

As well as raw performances, a banging contemporary hip-hop and grime soundtrack is promised at the heart of the film, which has yet to be given a release date.