Forest Gate couple on pedal-power charity trip to Paris

Forest Gate residents get on their bikes to raise money for children’s charity

Forest Gate couple Vicky Bell and Alan Holliday today embark on an epic cycle ride from London to Paris hoping to raise thousands for a children’s charity that is responsible for important medical breakthroughs.

Vicky and Alan set off at dawn from the 02 Arena in Greenwich and expect to arrive in Paris on Saturday travelling 80 miles a day and a total of 318 miles.

They hope to raise �2,600 for Action Medical Research who saved Alan as a baby and rely entirely on donations to fund scientific research such as the polo vaccine, ultrasound scanning in pregnancy and, more recently, the fetal heart rate monitor which could save thousands of babies’ lives.

The furthest Vicky and Alan have ever cycled is from London to Brighton but the distance of the charity stint is the same as 12 marathons and each of them will burn 5,500 calories a day,

the equivalent of 24 burgers.

Vicky, from Magpie Close, said: “Action Medical Research is a brilliant charity. Alan was born 10 weeks prematurely, was quite ill and was so small that he could fit in the palm of your hand.

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“Without the research of charities like Action Medical Research he may not have survived. When things get tough in training and on the ride it will be the thought of helping other children and parents that will keep us going.”

* To support the couple’s efforts you can donate at