Forest Gate charity manager lived on £1 a day to support poverty

Sarah Goddard

Sarah Goddard - Credit: Farm Africa

Could you live for five days on just £5?

That is the challenge being set by Sarah Goddard from Forest Gate, the community fundraising manager at Farm Africa.

She is heading up a campaign for the charity called Live Below the Line, which challenges people to spend five days only eating and drinking what you can buy for £5,

Sarah has already taken on the challenge, but wants 200 others to follow in her footsteps.

“It was eye opening and makes you realise how important food is in our day-to-day life as you do not have the freedom to just go out to a sandwich shop.”

The global challenge helps to make people understand the effects of poverty that 1.2 billion people have to deal with living on less than £1 a day.

“This challenge makes you think about poverty and why some people have so much and others have so little and how large the chasm is between us.

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“I know that the money we are raising for Farm Africa will truly help families in Africa who are currently living below the poverty line to grow their way out of hunger.”

Sarah wrote a blog on her experiences – visit