Forest Gate artist enjoys working with next generation

Sonya Patel Ellis

Sonya Patel Ellis - Credit: Archant

Freelance writer, editor and artist Sonya Patel Ellis has many passions.

When she’s not spending time running workshops, the 41-year-old is winning exhibitions.

Sonya, from Claremont Road, Forest Gate, said she has had a lifelong interest in flowers, plants and the natural world.

“I got into nature from a young age, as I think it was parental through always going on walks and making different things,” she said.

The artist is also the founder of The Herbarium Project, a platform for conversations about links between art, books, nature, science and culture, and also runs E7 Magazine.

Since May, Sonya has been running a series of workshops with schools and community groups.

She said: “It has been really rewarding working with the kids and getting loads of different feedback from them. Just seeing the work they are coming up with is great.”

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Sonya is also the winner of Rosetta Art’s solo Relay exhibition 2015.

“It was great to win, but it has worked out well as part of the competition was to deliver something back to the community, which I have with the workshops,” she said.

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