Food poverty debate held in Stratford


- Credit: Archant

A debate surrounding food poverty in the UK will be taking place in Stratford later today.

The University of East London has assembled a panel of academics and professionals to debate the current crisis of food poverty in the UK.

Dr Rebecca O’Connell, senior research officer at the Institute for Education, said: “Food poverty in the Global North is emerging as an urgent social and moral concern, increasingly recognised as a central issue in the field of health inequalities in industrialised countries.

“With widening income disparity in austerity Europe, these effects are being exacerbated.

“However not enough is known about the extent of food poverty or how different social contexts and social positionings mediate the experience.”

The event is for free.

It will take place at 8pm at U.S.G 17, University Square Stratford.

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