Recorder letters: T-Charge, volunteer trustees, navy shipmates, Tattoo Fixers and Brexit

PUBLISHED: 12:00 12 November 2017

Mayor of London launched a new charge to tackle air pollution levels in London. Picture: PA IMAGES

Mayor of London launched a new charge to tackle air pollution levels in London. Picture: PA IMAGES

PA Wire/PA Images

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

T-Charge roll-out should be faster

Leonie Cooper AM, chairman of the Environment Committee, writes:

We absolutely must do more to prevent premature deaths and stunting children’s lungs from air pollution – so we welcome the mayor’s T-Charge as a first step towards making London’s air less toxic

However, the London Assembly Environment Committee believes even greater results could be achieved if the measures were implemented at a faster pace.

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will take effect in 2019 and exemption from that will require the Euro 6 standard for diesels.

Raising awareness of this and discouraging the use of diesel vehicles in favour of much cleaner alternatives, should be top of the agenda. So should complementary measures to help shift the transportation habits of Londoners towards cheaper alternatives such as buses or trains and healthier options such as walking and cycling. ‎We’d also like the government to step up and introduce a diesel scrappage scheme to help move things forward quickly.

Celebrate our volunteer trustees

Ann Limb, chairman, The Scout Association, writes:

Trustees’ Week starts on November 13 and what better time to celebrate the vital contribution of these fantastic volunteers.

Across the UK, there are over one million trustees and in Newham and the surrounding area there are over one hundred trustees working on behalf of Scouting. Each one has a special responsibility to provide the stability and good governance every charity needs in order to flourish.

As chairman of The Scout Association’s Board of Trustees, I ask myself, what difference do I make as a trustee? For me, it comes down to five things: stewardship, scrutiny, strategy, support, and skills.

It’s about ensuring the right procedures and policies and are in place to create a safe and secure environment.

It’s our role to ensure there is a clear plan for the future and that there is the right level of challenge and accountability.

So this Trustees’ Week, I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who have already stepped up to the plate and are putting something back into their communities.

I would also like to encourage more young people to come forward and serve as trustees – your energy and ideas are invaluable if we want to continue to help the next generation develop the skills to succeed in life.

Charity boards benefit most when there is a range of ages and backgrounds and they are at their strongest when there is a healthy mix of experiences and perspectives.

I urge you to join us.

Get in touch with navy shipmates

Mike Crowe, RN Shipmates,, writes:

Many of your readers would have served in the Royal Navy and having left, possibly quite some time back, are now missing the camaraderie they had with their old shipmates.

To relive that camaraderie and possibly meet up with their old shipmates, they should get the monthly mailing list of ‘Royal Navy Reunions’ giving the dates, which H M Ship’s Association, where it is being held and who to contact.

Have a look at and check out the ‘Reunions’ section, there are currently well over 30!!

Reunions listings is available by emailing

See where the reunions are being held, and then find out what is included; such as a visit somewhere, a Gala Dinner, the ‘traditional’ tot of Rum on most of them.

Of course the wives and partners are not forgotten; they meet up at the reunions and have a good time too!!

What does it cost? .... NOTHING. Nothing because the Reunion Listings are all collected, compiled and then sent out by email. There are no subscriptions or donations.

But more important, it is also thanks to the hundreds of local newspapers, just like this one and others throughout the UK for printing my letters and subsequently reuniting ‘Lost Shipmates’.

Share your tattoo experience on TV

Ashley Ganly-Kesington, casting producer, Tattoo Fixers, writes:

Reality TV series, Tattoo Fixers, is back for a fifth series and looking for the country’s most shocking, outrageous and embarrassing tattoos that need fixing.

Participants will get the chance to have a regrettable tattoo covered up by one of the UK’s top team of ink artists, whose transformations of ugly tats into works of art leave participants speechless.

So far the show has seen misspelt phrases, ex’s names and even soap star lookalikes cropping up in the pop up parlour in East London. Last series even saw one woman ask for TV host Noel Edmunds to be tattooed on her leg.

Producers also want to hear from people planning on getting a new tattoo who have fun or interesting reasons behind wanting one.

Anyone who is interested in taking part in the show should apply here:

Brexit single market access fears unfounded

Will Podmore, name and address supplied, writes:

Some MPs and peers want us to stay in the EU’s single market.

But this would mean that we would continue to pay billions to Brussels (£13.9 billion last year), that our law remains under the jurisdiction of the EU’s Court and that we could not choose the immigration policy we want.

Some tell us that we have to be in the single market to trade with it. This is just another scare story.

The USA is not in the single market yet it exported 247 billion euros’ worth of goods to the EU last year.

China is not in the single market yet it exported 345 billion euros’ worth of goods to the EU last year.

Russia is not in the single

market yet it exported 119 billion euros’ worth of goods to the EU last year.

Japan is not in the single market yet it exported 66 billion euros’ worth of goods to the EU last year.

All access the single market without being in the single market.

None has a trade deal with the EU. Yet they all trade quite happily with the EU, under WTO rules.

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