Recorder letters: On the streets, parking, energy and fundraising

PUBLISHED: 08:20 23 August 2017


More clarity is needed over residential parking in Newham.

One look to change behaviours

Clive Power, Aldersbrook Road, Wanstead, writes:

I’m a lifelong student of street-life and I think nowhere in London can compete with Newham for what you see when strolling around – such as the frenetic preparations for a Bengali wedding outside a Manor Park venue, or pedestrians on the car deck enjoying the quick preview of a cruise that is the Woolwich ferry crossing.

Today I watched a gang setting up the three cups and ball gambling con (sometimes called the ‘shell game’) in East Ham High Street.

I stood on the other side of the road to see who I could see playing the different roles.

I managed the fake ‘winners’ and their pals congratulating them (all part of the gang) as well as the lookout – and who was soon looking at me, as I closely looked at them.

I got out my phone.

This alarmed the lookout and caused her to scurry around and identify more gang members as she consulted.

She then went to a bloke hanging around at the entrance to a bookies – he was clearly the boss.

After she nodded towards me, he gave me the once-over and then curtly gave an instruction for the gang to disperse.

I was a little surprised that these people living on their wits were so easily fooled.

Next time you see such a gang of sharks, why not also try just standing and looking at them – from a safe distance – and see if they similarly mistake you for some kind of official.

You could help stop the gullible losing their money to crooks who can be dispersed by no more than a long look.

What are parking rules for vans?

A Plaistow resident, full name and address supplied, writes:

With regard to the residents’ parking zones that now cover the most of the borough.

I have noticed a number of large vans that have managed to obtain a resident parking permit.

According to the council’s website of terms and conditions for resident’s parking permits, section 13, vehicles longer than 5.3 metres and higher than 2.3 metres are not eligible for one and their parking permit would not be valid.

The large vans I’ve seen are clearly larger than this.

I need to hire large vans from time to time so would I be able to park them with a visitor’s parking permit or not?

Perhaps someone from Newham Council would care to comment?

Scrutiny for the energy providers

A P Caroline Russell, Green Party member of the London Assembly, writes:

It’s a blow for Londoners that despite the mayor telling me it was ‘the idea’ that his mayoral energy company would be publically owned – it’s now up for sale.

Londoners need an alternative to the rip-off prices of the big six energy companies – the mayor had lost this brilliant opportunity to make a real difference as he won’t be able to control tariffs.

A fully licensed ‘Energy for Londoners’ company could have provided schools, hospitals and businesses with affordable energy and lifted people out of fuel poverty.

It would also provide a massive opportunity to reinvest profits from the sales revenues in generating more renewable energy.

The mayor told me he would release the report that led to this choice and I will be holding him to account so this decision can be properly scrutinised.

Host summertime picnic for charity

A P Emma Haines, Rainbow Trust director of marketing and fundraising, writes:

Now that the summer holidays are here, parents (and grandparents) everywhere are hunting out activities to keep the children occupied – me included!

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity has launched a fun, simple, summer activity called the Summertime Picnic.

The idea is straightforward - host a picnic and ask friends and family to make a donation to Rainbow Trust. It can be a picnic in the garden, the park or even inside on a carpet, weather depending.

The Summertime Picnic is about enjoying quality time with your family and Rainbow Trust understands just how precious time can be as we support families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

We match families with a Family Support Worker who provides emotional and practical support amid the chaos of medicines, hospitals and endless appointments.

Rainbow Trust has a free online ‘Picnic Pack’ as well as ideas, recipes and games for a wonderful afternoon with friends and families.

Visit to start planning yours.

Thank you for your support.

Fundraising brings benefits

A P Roz Rosenblatt, head of London Diabetes UK, writes:

Are you training for a marathon, half marathon or fun run in the next few months and wondering which good cause to support?

If so, Diabetes UK would love your help in raising vital funds for the charity.

As well as a free running vest and other fun props, such as crazy hair, Diabetes UK also offers fundraising support.

And we have the loudest cheerleaders in the business!

But best of all, every penny raised by Team Diabetes UK will help us support people living with diabetes in the UK.

Diabetes is one of the UK’s biggest health crises, and it’s on the rise.

Some 4.5 million people in the UK have the condition, meaning that many of us know someone who is affected.

A further 11.9 million in the UK are at risk of Type 2 diabetes, which usually develops later in life and can sometimes be prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes can cause devastating complications, including blindness, amputations, even early death.

For information on signing up to fundraising events for Diabetes UK, visit or call the Events Fundraising team on 0345 123 2399.

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