Q&A - My Newham: NewVIc tutor Jodie Fink talks education funding and inspiring students

PUBLISHED: 17:00 11 January 2019

NewVic A-Level tutor, Jodie Fink. Picture: NewVic

NewVic A-Level tutor, Jodie Fink. Picture: NewVic


Jodie Fink is an A-level tutor at Newham Sixth Form College in Plaistow. She spoke about education funding, opportunities, inspiring students and her family's long association with the borough

What’s your connection with the borough?

I have worked in Newham for quite a few years at Newham Sixth Form College and I also live close by. My grandmother was born and raised on Prince Regent Lane and went to the grammar school that is now my place of work – NewVIc.

What’s the best thing about working or living in the borough?

The best thing about working and living in the borough, is that it’s a borough full of opportunities, possibilities and there is a lot to do. Seeing how the borough is changing and how those changes positively impact our students is great to see.

What one thing would you change?

I would like to change the fact that there are not enough extra-curricular activities available for young people in the borough.

Use three words to describe the area.

Transforming, diverse, progressive.

Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met?

I am inspired quite regularly by our students, staff and people we work collaboratively with. I am inspired by ambition, determination and courage to take risks. Most recently I was inspired by the successful women that came to present at the Women in Leadership Panel we held in December.

What new law would you introduce if you were the prime minister?

It is not necessarily a new law but I would ensure that there was more equality across education and healthcare. The lack of funding for both areas is having a detrimental impact and causing inequalities in the support and care given.

If you were the editor of this paper, what issues in the borough would you focus on?

I feel that news can very often focus on only the negative aspects in any area so if I were editor, I would want do more to show all of the wonderful things that are happening in our community, especially with our young people.

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