A look at issues of today: Quick alternative to NHS queues?

PUBLISHED: 08:00 29 April 2018


New figures show we Brits are looking after our health more with vitamin supplements and natural remedies.

I myself take some vitamins. I bought some vitamins from a pharmacist just the other day.

I thought I was getting a deal because the bottle said 50+ on them.

I thought that meant there were more than 50 in the bottle but later I realised I bought 30 tablets designed for people over 50.

What upset me was that the woman who served me didn’t even bat an eyelid. I’m shocked I look that old. It probably means I need some vitamins.

The same study found one in five Brits now rely on alternative therapies instead of the NHS.

You can understand it. The queues down at Holland and Barrett are shorter than the ones in A&E but a lot of our medicines, from digitalis to aspirin, actually come from nature and they were found to work.

When an alternative therapy actually works is becomes a therapy.

An expert said: “People opt for natural remedies as they feel they are safer with fewer side effects.”

If you listen to the show you’ll know my opinion of homeopathy but I’ll agree, there are no side effects to it. No real main effects either, but certainly no side effects.

And it’s easy to think that something is safe because it’s “natural” but snake venom, arsenic and Katie Hopkins are natural.

It doesn’t mean having it in a herbal tea would be good for you.

I hope we’re not seeing the start of things to come. In the future the NHS will be so strapped for cash, if you call 999, they’ll send someone with witch hazel, a peppermint tea, and a pillow with lavender in it.

It won’t help to keep you alive but at least you’ll smell nice.

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