Family saves life in West Ham after making a special delivery at Newham General Hospital

By anybody’s standards it has been an eventful few weeks for a family which helped bring one life into the world and prevented another from slipping away.

While shopping with his mother in Upton Park last month, Satnam Sahota revived an elderly man after he had a heart attack.

Then last week, his wife, also named Satnam, and sister-in-law, Kamal, helped to deliver a 6.5lb baby girl in Newham General Hospital’s car park.

The father of the child has now thanked them for helping his “traumatised” wife through the birth.

Mr Sahota, 54, was paying a visit to his sick father when the birth drama took place.

His wife and sister-in-law heard a man screaming for help and rushed to the scene.

He said: “My wife told the man he needed to take his trousers off and put them over the side of the car. They told the woman to breathe and eventually the baby was delivered in the car.

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“My brother’s wife took the baby and gave her to the mother. They were so excited about it when they came home.”

The proud mother and father, Dawit Mengesha and Misrak Bek-Wolde, live in the Peveral, Beckton, with their new addition, Rakeb.

Mr Mengesha said: “When the ladies came I was relieved. I was in such a shock but they were a big help.”

Mr Sahota, a traffic engineer, could have put it down as a one-off had he not been caught up in another emotionally charged incident on February 10.

He spotted a crowd gathering around a man aged in his 70s in Queen’s Market, Upton Park.

Trained in first aid, he sprang into action.

He said: “I grabbed hold of his hand, he wasn’t breathing, but I started giving him CPR.

“By the time one of the other people called the ambulance I had the man breathing again.”

Paramedics took the pensioner to the London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green.

Mr Sahota, from Harrow, then carried on shopping before returning to the scene.

He added: “One of the stallholders told me the paramedics said that, without my intervention, he might not have been alive.

“I have never been in that situation before.”