Family evacuated after blaze in East Ham

Family and friends celebrating festivities on Christmas Eve were evacuated from a house in East Ham after the loft caught fire, it has emerged.

Four engines were called to the property in William Morley Close shortly after 7pm.

Crews managed to prevent the flames from spreading to any other part of the house and nobody was hurt.

But all occupants were forced to leave while the fire was put out.

A spokesman for Plaistow fire station said the swift actions of the firefighters prevented the blaze causing possible flood damage to the house.

They left the scene at about 10.30pm.

The cause of the fire is still unknown and an investigation is under way.

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On a busy Christmas Day, Plaistow firefighters tackled no less than four kitchen fires.

Crews were called to a house in Humberstone Road at about 5pm after an oven, containing Christmas dinner, caught fire.

One of the two occupants at the property suffered shock as a result but turned down treatment.

Fortunately, the householders did not go without their turkey.

Kind-hearted neighbours offered to take them in once it became clear they would not be able to use their own kitchen.