Families evacuated as chemical odour sweeps block of flats in Stratford

Seven people had to be treated by ambulance crews when a chemical odour swept through a block of flats in east London last night.

Emergency services were called to the block in Church Street, West Ham, at 8pm when the smell was reported on the fourth floor.

The building was evacuated when 80 people were led to safety.

Three women and four young girls were treated at the scene after being overcome by the odour.

An exclusion zone was set up by police as fire crews from Stratford and three other fire-stations searched the building to trace the source. But they found nothing.

“There were no readings from our instruments,” a Fire Brigade officer said. “The source of the odour is a complete mystery.”

The families were finally allowed back into the five-storey building by 11pm, including the seven treated at the scene.