Exhibition celebrating factory women at Tate & Lyle sugar factory in Silvertown is coming to Beckton

Tate&Lyle women workers

Tate&Lyle women workers - Credit: submitted

A travelling exhibition is celebrating the lives of factory women at Tate & Lyle sugar factory in Silvertown through a selection of original photography, film and memorabilia.

The Working Women of Newham: Sugar Girls’ Exhibition is coming to Beckton Library from this Friday (April 5) until May 10.

Executive director of Newham New Deal Partnership, Jessica Wannamaker, who is putting on the display, said: “We have created this travelling exhibition to highlight Newham’s impressive industrial heritage, in particular showcasing the working lives of Newham women and the effects on their communities during and after World War II. We want to know about their aspirations through pictures and anecdotes that can be shared with others.”

The exhibition features a memory wall for visitors to contribute to, by writing about personal experiences or stories passed down by family members. A photographic wall with images of the factory women will also be shown.

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