European Union referendum – are you in or out?

The EU referendum will be held in June

The EU referendum will be held in June - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

On June 23 the United Kingdom will vote whether to stay in or leave the European Union – we want to know your views.

Concerns over borders, business and security split voters on the question of the EU.

For the first time in a generation, you can help decide whether to remain part of alliance, as Prime Minister David Cameron bids for a reformed EU.

He says we’ll be stronger in the union after assurances of reform from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

He promised the UK special status, which would make it an exception to the commitment of “ever closer union” and allow it to restrict in-work benefits for EU migrants for their first four years during “exceptional” levels of migration – if the funds are released in seven years.

President Juncker also promised the right to deny automatic free movement rights to non-EU nationals who marry EU citizens and allow the UK to recalculate child benefits for migrants sending welfare to children oversees.

Also included is the promise that if 55 per cent of member parliaments object to EU legistlation it will be rethought, the assurance Britain can keep the pound without trade discrimination, safeguards against regulating London’s financial sector and a cut to red tape in business.

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The Recorder wants to know whether you’d rather be in or out of the EU.

You can let us know your thoughts by using our poll, emailing or calling 020 8477 3802.