End of Life Rights pilot project to launch in east London

An 18-month pilot project to raise people’s awareness about their end of life choices will be launched in east London.

Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, the End-of-Life Rights Advocacy (ELRA) will start in Newham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets on January 14.

The pilot is designed to ensure that vulnerable older people in East London can have the support in their homes to know their end-of-life rights and make informed decisions about their future medical treatment.

It is delivered by Compassion in Dying in partnership with Age UK East London and aims to increase awareness of end-of-life rights and options among people in east London as well as among local GPs, care homes and community groups.

It aims to provide training and support for Age UK East London volunteers around end-of-life rights and choices, allowing them to provide information and advocacy for vulnerable older people in their homes.

The promotion of the project is spear-headed by the End of Life Rights Advocacy Project Developer. He or she will ensure that vulnerable or isolated older people in the community are aware of and can access the ELRA project, by building relationships and creating local initiatives to effectively raise awareness and increase engagement with end-of-life rights both among local stakeholders and in the wider community.

Research has shown that 82 per cent of people in the UK have strong feelings about how they would like to be treated at the end of life, but just 3 per cent have made their wishes known in advance.

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If you live in East London and want more information or support on how to ensure your wishes are respected at the end of life, call 0208 981 7124.

If you want more information on your rights at the end of life call the Compassion in Dying information line between 11am and 3pm Monday to Friday on 0800 999 2434 or visit www.compassionindying.org.uk.

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