Walking with a dinosaur through the Stratford Centre

These young shoppers had a roaring good time when they got the chance to feed a dinosaur in the Stratford Centre.

Tiny the Dinosaur spent a day at the shopping centre, at 54A Broadway, last Thursday to stomp around, make some loud noises, and educate youngsters about beasts like himself.

Luckily, a helpful and informative expert was also on hand to tell the crowds exactly what stegosauri liked to eat, where they lived, how they behaved, and why most of them (apart from Tiny, of course) became extinct.

Described as “a beautifully realised and extremely life-like” dinosaur, it was also a unique opportunity for young aspiring scientists to be a palaeontologists for the day.

They donned their spikes especially for the occasion as Tiny showed off impressive ones of his own at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm.