UEL lecturer invited to World Peace Festival in Berlin

An animator and lecturer at the University of East London has been commissioned to create a film for this year’s World Peace Festival in Berlin.

The theme this year is “Peace Starts With Me” and Max Hattler, a visiting lecturer in Animation and Moving Image at UEL and also a studying there for a Professional Doctorate in Fine Art is one of only seven artists commissioned for the festival in the world.

His work has been shown at numerous film festivals, museums and galleries from Taiwan to Sao Paulo, and his film is called “RE:AX aka Peace Starts With Me”.

Max said said:“It is a film about mirroring and feedback, abstract patterns and shapes interact with each other, taking us on a journey from disharmony to peace. Conceptually, it’s about how violence breeds violence, and love breeds love. Only by turning the other cheek can we bring about change, understanding and peace.”

The World Peace Festival in Berlin last Saturday which hosted a series of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and workshops led by Nobel Peace Prize laureates, world leaders, and representatives of the arts.

Speaking about his work at UEL, Max said: “I am always so encouraged by the quality of work that the students at UEL produce. Animation is not an easy industry in which to succeed but I hope that through what I do, I can show students that if they persevere then there will always be opportunities out there for them to promote their talent.”