Time runs out for Clock Mill school

Newham Council rejects planning application for special needs school

A REFUSAL of planning permission to turn The Clock Mill in Three Mills Lane into a school for children with behavioural problems has been welcomed by Stratford residents.

The proposal for the school on the site of the Grade II listed building was rejected by Newham Council at a meeting on Tuesday.

Andrew Biggs, 53, of Island House, said: “Residents are obviously delighted that good sense has prevailed and the application has been declined. “The location was wrong for so many reasons, not only for local residents but also for the proposed kids that were due to attend the school.”

Newham Council turned down the proposal by Kedleston UK on the grounds that it failed to meet their regeneration aims for the area, which centre on its potential for media, heritage and employment.

The site is home to 3 Mills Studios, London’s largest film and television studios.

A further criticism of the proposal was that it did not provide education for local children.