East Ham teenager’s call for better apprenticeship advice

Mudrick Walid Khamis. Picture: WhiteHat

Mudrick Walid Khamis. Picture: WhiteHat - Credit: WhiteHat

An East Ham teenager has called on schools and colleges to provide more advice about apprenticeships.

Mudrick Walid Khamis has just completed the first year of his apprenticeship at Tandem Bank.

"I wasn't really interested in university," the 19-year-old said.

"I wanted to jump straight into work, I wanted to be able to bring in some financial income."

After looking into apprenticeships online, Mudrick came across apprenticeship provider WhiteHat, through which he managed to secure a placement at Tandem Bank.

Mudrick's apprenticeship is set to last 18 months, and a year in, he is enjoying the experience.

He is working at the Russell Square headquarters while studying for his Level 3 diploma in accounting.

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Once complete, he'll be qualified to apply for a job as an accountant.

"I think there should be more advice about apprenticeships," the former Forest Gate Community School pupil said.

"They're an alternative to university and colleges and schools should advise that."