Students at Newham College promise to help others’ health

A group of students undergoing a personal health makeover are promising to promote physical fitness in their jobs when they start work.

20 health and social care students at Newham College are working on a ‘NewYear NewMe’ programme of health eating, exercise and sports.

They hope that their experience will inspire them to actively promote their future clients’ health and fitness.

The programme is the first of its type in the College and includes classes in diet, circuit training and sports such as netball, basketball, and swimming.

The College’s catering service provides the diet classes and its extra-curricular sports department delivers the sports and exercise.

The female students who started the programme in February are already saying they feel better for it.

Nanybai Said, 22, from East Ham, believes it will help her when she becomes a nurse.

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She said: “I think too many people are unhealthy. I definitely would pass on what I know to other people and also to my family and friends. They are surprised to see me not eating junk food and they do listen to me.

Mum, Ivette Lang, 26, from Stratford, plans to go to university before becoming a nurse or radiographer.

She has lost two and a half stone and is finding that tasks, from walking up stairs to playing with her child, are much easier. She is keen to lose more weight now and wants to help others do so in the future.

Edith Stokes, lecturer, said: “Our experience is that developing your physical fitness can improve your whole outlook on life. Care workers are in a great position to use fitness and health to help their clients.

“We’ve organised a programme of healthy activities for our students on top of their ordinary studies that will inspire them not only to change their lives but also change other people’s lives.”