Student gets career kick-start

A fashion student from Newham has had a kick-start to her career with an internship at a Savile Row tailors.

Henry Poole & Co have been a bespoke tailors since 1806 and the first to open a showroom in Savile Row in 1846.

In the last three years, the Savile Row Bespoke Association has been in consultation with London training providers and colleges to help train the next generation of tailors.

Emily Squires, 26, studied at Fashion Design at Bournemouth Arts Institute and continued her studies at Newham College.

It was while at Newham that Emily spent one day a week in Savile Row where she secured herself a six-week summer internship at Henry Poole.

During her time there, her talent in coat making was evident, but Poole’s did not have the funds to offer her an apprenticeship.

Westminster Council helped her launch her career in the industry by funding the initial three months of her salary and management costs at a cost of �3,350 in November 2010 through its ward budget programme which has helped fund dozens of community schemes in Westminster.

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A coat-making apprenticeship normally last two to three years but Emily’s progress has been so significant that she is hoping to finish in December 2011.

Emily said: “I love my job, every day is different and presents a new challenge. I have been incredibly lucky to have been able to train with Henry Poole , if they were unable to take me on, I might still be looking for a job.”