Stratford school receptionist leaves after 30 years

Staff at a Stratford school said goodbye on Thursday to a much-loved member of their community for three decades.

Receptionist Bea Butler, 87, is retiring after working an impressive 30 years at Stratford School Academy in Upton Lane.

Bea started her career at Stratford School as a librarian before moving on to work on reception at the school’s technology site in Grosvenor Road.

To show Bea how much she would be missed, staff organised a buffet lunch for her and presented her with flowers.

Colleague Sylvia Berwick-Walsh said: “Bea’s definitely a face you see every day.

“We put in a new computer system and she’s been a such a fast learner, she never complains, she just cracks on and gets on with the job and she always has done.

“She’s an invaluable member of staff that we do not want to lose. She said that if she wasn’t moving away from London, she’d stay on and keep working here.

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“We’ll be very very sorry to see her go and there will be a lot of wet eyes around when she does.”