Stratford school launches partnership with brain injury charity

Headway East London volunteers at Carpenters Primary School

Headway East London volunteers at Carpenters Primary School - Credit: Archant

Move over, Bob Geldof. Carpenters Primary School might not be able to emulate Live Aid but it does intend to make its mark with a year of fundraising.

The school in Friendship Way, Stratford, has partnered with brain injury charity Headway East London in a bid to raise both money and awareness.

Year 5 teacher Melissa Hobbs said: “We’re taking part in a resilience project, trying to help the pupils cope better with things that happen in their lives.

“We’ve done Comic Relief, Children in Need, those sorts of things in the past but we wanted to do something a bit more exclusive.”

Headway has around 180 members at its east London day centre in Haggerston, providing a variety of activities to help them recover from brain injuries.

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These include cooking, art therapy and sport – the latter something the pupils were able to try for themselves yesterday.

Emily Suffield, a fundraiser at the charity, said: “It’s hard to raise money for a charity not many people know about.

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“All brain injuries are different and people recover in different ways.

“It’s great that the school are getting involved.”

The first fundraiser, a pancake party, is set to take place next week.

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