Stratford parents say parking restrictions are a danger to pupils

Parents at Park Primary School in Stratford say new parking restrictions are making the school run even harder and putting their children at risk.

Previously, parents were encouraged to use a parking space within walking distance to stop them hovering near the school gates, parking on zig zag markings or stopping in the middle of the road. But restrictive parking has been enforced on surrounding roads between 8.30am to 6.30pm meaning that parents are forced to choose between getting a parking ticket or telling their children to come out of school on their own.

Jane Harris, Chair of Park Primary School in Mathews Park Avenue, said: “I also drop and pick up on my way to and from work, so have to drive. “Am I to get a parking ticket every time I park my car and go into the school playground to pick up my daughter, and potentially have conversations with her teachers?

“She is not old enough to be allowed to leave the school alone, even if I wanted her to.”

Jane reports that parents are already having to stand by their cars in case they get a ticket, putting children in danger as they make their own way out of the school gates.

She added: “The council has to collaborate with the school when decisions like this are made. It is ridiculous, and a calculating way to make more money from locals and visitors alike, without looking at the potential, dangerous, consequences.”

A Newham Council spokesperson said the new parking restrictions involved one of the largest consultations they have ever conducted, distributing 17,000 leaflets to residents, businesses and schools including Park Primary.

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The council added: “These changes are as a result of the feedback from the consultation and will bring benefits for residents living in the area.

“It will help them to park despite the expected influx of extra traffic. We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to work with the school, local residents and businesses.”