Stellar students say goodbye to Canning Town school before heading to university

(L-R) Abel Mesfin, 19, Joanne Pham, 18, & Denys Ilyashenko, 18, got incredible A Level results and c

(L-R) Abel Mesfin, 19, Joanne Pham, 18, & Denys Ilyashenko, 18, got incredible A Level results and came back to their school to say goodbye before going to university Photo: Arnaud Stephenson - Credit: Photo: Arnaud Stephenson

A group of high performing students returned to their secondary school to say a fond a farewell to staff before setting off to their respective universities.

The group of five students who got incredible results in their A levels, met with with their former teachers at Eastlea Community School in Canning Town. Among them was Joanne Pham who got 5 A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. She plans to go to Cambridge to study Natural Sciences.

She said: “I loved Science at school. I was really motivated because the lessons were really fun. The teachers always encouraged me and my peers in the class were supportive. I have always paid attention in all of my lessons and I take my education very seriously”.

Denys Ilyushenko who achieved A* in Russian, A in Music, A in Physics and A in Maths at L Level and is now going on to study Mechanical Engineering at Warwick He said: “It all started when I came to Eastlea Community School in year 8. I got a lot of support because I could not speak English. The teachers helped me to learn the language and also improved my communication skills. This was a major boost for me in terms of my progress. The teachers at Eastlea always went above and beyond the syllabus and the things I learnt at school helped me right through college and A Levels.”

Abel Mesfin who achieved A in Maths, A in Chemistry and A in Physics A Level and is going on to study Chemical Engineering at UCL. He said: “I would say I have always been supported on two levels, one at home and one at school. At school, the teachers and my peers always supported and motivated me. At home, my family have always pushed me and supported me to achieve.”

Chinye Jibonuh, Principal of Eastlea Community School, said: “We are very proud of our students. The fact that they came to tell us their results and say goodbye before they go to university shows that they remember the foundations for their success were laid at the school”.