Pupils send 'awe-inspiring' accounts of pandemic into the future with time capsule

children bury a time capsule

Pupils from Southern Road Primary School in Plaistow have planted a time capsule filled with their reflections on the pandemic. - Credit: Southern Road Primary School

Pupils have buried an "awe-inspiring" snapshot of history in their school garden.

When the children from Southern Road Primary School in Plaistow were welcomed back into their classrooms in March after the third national lockdown, they were given the opportunity to share their accounts of the past year.

Art, poetry and personal stories of life in the pandemic were gathered together into books produced by each class.

A selection of the work was then collected and inserted into a time capsule, which has now been buried in the grounds.

Pupils bury the capsule

The capsule is intended to show future pupils what it felt like to live during the pandemic. - Credit: Southern Road Primary School

The aim is to provide future pupils of the school with an insight into what it was like to live during lockdowns and with Covid-19.

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Headteacher Gavin MacGregor said: "When the children and staff returned we wanted to ensure there was a whole school collaborative project that enabled them to use a wide range of skills, but more importantly to also talk openly about the pandemic and lockdowns, in particular how it affected them and how they would describe it to future generations.

"The work they produced was awe-inspiring."


Every class produced work with a selection going into the capsule. - Credit: Southern Road Primary School

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