Singing pupils from Canning Town star in Royal Albert Hall concert

The Royal Albert Hall was the suitably grand setting for a mass choir event featuring Canning Town school children.

Pupils from St Luke’s in Ruscoe Road joined hundreds of children from across the country to raise money for Barnado’s at the fund raising concert.

St Luke’s Year 6 pupil Kelly Ochonogor said: “It was absolutely brilliant.

“I felt so good standing in the centre of the stage performing in front of so many people.”

The 42 St Luke’s children joined the 900-strong choir to give stirring renditions of medleys by The Beatles and Queen, as well as a special song for Barnado’s in the two-hour performance.

Parent Nurcan Tuglu said: “My child was so excited about performing and I felt proud to be part of the experience.

“What a wonderful experience to have for Newham children.”

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Jenny Parson, music leader at St Luke’s, said: “The children all worked really had to learn the songs and prepare for the concert.

“They have been coming to me each day in their lunch hour to make sure that they were word perfect for the event.

“I thought they did really well and demonstrated what Newham children can do.”

Head of St Luke’s Theresa Aanonson added: “Once again the pupils have shown their commitment to making a positive contribution.

“They have worked hard over the months to learn the songs and were brilliant ambassadors for St Luke’s and Newham as they performed alongside choirs from all around the country.”