Schoolboy, 14, praised for helping passenger who suffered seizure on Tube

Simon Omotoso (Picture: Di Halliwell)

Simon Omotoso (Picture: Di Halliwell) - Credit: Di Halliwell

A schoolboy has been praised for coming to the aid of a stranger who collapsed on a rush hour Tube.

Simon Omotoso, 14, was part of a group of St Bonaventure’s pupils travelling to the Science Museum in Kensington for a UK Maths Challenge event.

As the busy District line train travelled between Westminster and St James’ Park stations, he noticed a man start to shake and become visibly distressed before collapsing to the floor.

Simon and a female passenger rushed to his aid, helping him to a sitting position and reassuring him.

The schoolboy - who has never had any first aid training - remained calm throughout, pulling the emergency cord to alert the driver and request assistance.

“Without really thinking I just helped out,” he said.

“The lady couldn’t manage on her own and nobody else was helping so I just got involved and made the man comfortable and made sure he wasn’t in any danger.

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“When I pulled the cord I didn’t know if I would get into trouble as there are signs everywhere saying ‘only pull in an emergency’ but this was an emergency as the man looked really unwell and was really shaking. I didn’t want to take any chances.”

Medical help arrived for the man - who was found to have had an epileptic seizure - and Simon and the other passengers on the train could continue on their journey.

The teachers who accompanied Simon and his classmates on the trip later told the Boleyn Road, Forest Gate school’s headteacher, Paul Halliwell, how proud they were of his actions.

They added that there were many adults on Monday’s train who could have intervened.

Simon was recognised for his actions by being presented with the school’s first Jack Petchey Achievement Award of the year for showing great maturity and having a cool head in a crisis.

Mr Halliwell said: “I didn’t hesitate to put Simon’s name forward for this award as what he did showed great love for his fellow man.

“He instinctively got involved and helped a distressed man in need and I can’t tell you how happy and proud that makes me feel.”