National Primary Offer Day 2019: Majority of Newham primary pupils offered first choice school

Families are finding out whether or not their children got their first choice primary school. Pictur

Families are finding out whether or not their children got their first choice primary school. Picture: Dominic Lipinski - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Families have been finding out whether or not their children got into their first choice primary schools.

In Newham just over 94 per cent – 4,009 youngsters – got places at their top choice while 5.4pc missed out.

However, almost 99pc gained a place at a school within their top three preferences, according to figures released on Tuesday.

Cllr Julianne Marriott, cabinet member for education, said: “Starting school is a big milestone for all children and of course their parents.

“It is great news for our families that the vast majority of children will be going to their first choice Newham school in September.”

Newham received 4,262 applications for primary school entry from residents by the closing date of January 15.

The figures show that 167 pupils got their second preference; 36 their third; four their fourth; five their fifth and one got their sixth.

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In addition 126 pupils who live outside the borough were offered a place in Newham primary schools as part of the capital-wide Pan London scheme.

Of these, 49 had a sibling who was expected to be at the school in September 2019.

Parents will now be sent letters with families who applied by the closing date using the Pan London eAdmissions portal receiving notification on Tuesday evening on top of their letter.

Of the 40 pupils who did not gain a place at any of the preferred schools they listed just nine will have to travel a maximum of a mile to get to class while 31 are within less than half a mile, according to the council.

Across London, 97pc of children due to start school were offered a place at a preferred school.

London primaries received 96,598 applications in total this year, a 0.08pc decrease compared to last year, according to the Pan London Admissions Board, responsible for coordinating the capital’s school admissions.

In total, 86pc of all London applicants - or 82,632 children - secured a place at their first preference school.

Sara Williams, chairman of the Pan London Admissions Board, said: “We expect demand for primary school places to continue at least at current levels and demand for secondary school places to grow considerably in the years ahead.”