GCSE results 2021: Plashet hails youngsters' success after 'extraordinary' year

top achievers

Plashet School's top achievers who together achieved 37 top grade nines in their GCSE results. - Credit: Plashet School

Plashet School has described this academic year as an "extraordinary" one for its young women, their families and staff.

In a statement, the secondary in Plashet Grove, East Ham, reports celebrating everything its youngsters have achieved "in the most difficult circumstances".

Headteacher Rachel McGowan said: "I’d like to send a message to our girls: We are so proud of you.

"Don’t focus solely on the grades you received today, but focus on all the hard work you have put in, the hurdles you have overcome, the resilience you have shown and the memories you have made.

"Your results are never the end of your journey. They're a step taking you in a new direction on your life journey."

The school - rated outstanding by Ofsted - paid tribute to the "incredible resilience" of the 266 girls who make up the class of 2021 as well as to their families' support and the hard work of teachers.

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In its statement, the school notes that there are 266 individual stories all worthy of mention.

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It goes on to highlight Plashet's top four achievers who gained the highest grade - 9 - in all their subjects. These are: Zoya - ten grade 9s; Nimah -  nine grade 9s; Tasnia - nine Grade 9s and Nandhana - nine grade 9s.

Headteacher Rachel McGowan

Plashet headteacher Rachel McGowan said the school was 'so proud' of the students. - Credit: Jon King

Ms McGowan said that there is life beyond Covid-19 and that she knows the school's pupils are ready to make the best of the opportunities ahead of them.

"We do not live for long - 4,000 weeks if we are lucky and 195 of these weeks are spent at secondary school - so, of course, we should all avoid wasting a single valuable minute of our brief lives.

"You all have bright futures ahead of you and are wonderful women who will make a positive mark on the world," she said.

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After exams were cancelled in January due to the pandemic, youngsters' grades were awarded by their teachers who based their judgements on what pupils had been taught.

This was set against a national standard as well as being approved and awarded by exam boards.

Performance data for schools is not being published by the government this year due to the varied impact of the pandemic.