Plaistow Primary School closed due to bad smell

Plaistow Primary School, in Junction Road, Plaistow.

Plaistow Primary School, in Junction Road, Plaistow. - Credit: Archant

440 children have an unexpected day off today after a primary school in Plaistow was closed due to a bad smell.

Pupils and parents were turned away at the gates of Plaistow Primary School in Junction Road after a technical problem.

A council spokeswoman explained: “Plaistow Primary School has been closed today after a piece of cleaning equipment overheated and caused a pungent smell throughout the school.

“The head teacher and caretaker tried to dispel the fumes by opening windows, but by the time teachers arrived it remained very unpleasant, and a decision was taken to close the school for the day as a precaution.

“Parents were contacted by text, and others were informed at the school gate by staff members.

“No-one suffered any ill effects and the school will re-open tomorrow.”