Parents form campaign to end Stratford School Academy strikes

Parents of pupils in Forest Gate have stepped in to resolve a dispute between teachers and governors that has lead to the cancellation of lessons.

A group of around 30 parents calling themselves the Stratford Academy Concerned Parents held a meeting along with around 30 sympathetic local residents and traders in the Clapton FC Club House on Upton Lane last Thursday to discuss an ongoing teachers’ strike at Stratford School Academy.

Teachers have been striking on and off outside the school since October 25, wishing to take part in a demonstration against the Secretary of State over pay, working conditions, and pensions.

But the school’s governors have deducted 15 per cent of teachers’ monthly salaries because they say action is in breach of contract, damaging pupils’ learning.

But father-of-two Niall Mulholland, leading the parents’ group, believe the school’s management are escalating the dispute and they are the ones disrupting the students’ education.

Niall said his daughter only had one class over three days last week and her friend is staying with them because ‘parents have had to change their lives about’.

Niall Mulholland, whose daughter attends Stratford School Academy, said: “There are 22,000 schools taking part in this strike and we seem to be the only one with this problem.

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“I’ve had parents say to me that if this type of regime is going on, then they don’t want their children in the school.

“If this doesn’t get resolved and the teachers are not left alone to be able to teach and let the children thrive then it’s a disaster for the kids and the staff.”

Parents passed a motion in support of the teachers at a meeting with school management last night and their next meeting will be held at 7pm this Thursday at the Clapton FC Club House, Old Spotted Dog Ground, 212 Upton Lane, Forest Gate.

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