Olympic Park trees to be ringed in the name of art

Heavy metal rings, etched with archive historical information and details of businesses that had previously inhabited the site, will be strapped around ten trees in Stratford’s Olympic Park for next summer’s sports extravaganza and as a legacy for future visitors.

Weighing half-a-tone each and made of bronze of stainless steel the “art work” will be allowed to “fuse” with the growing trees - the largest to be planted - over the decades. The event was developed by renowned British artists Ackroyd and Harvey, and funded by the Olympic Delivery Authority and Arts Council England as a permanent reminder of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Ackroyd and Harvey said: “Trees mark the passing of time through their yearly ring growth. The artwork will transform as the seasons change, reflecting the evolving nature of the Olympic Park.”

ODA Chairman John Armitt, added: They will become a strong symbol of the Games and reinforce a commitment to the creation of Britain’s largest urban park for over a century.

“They will act as fantastic meeting points for both spectators next summer and visitors for generations to come.”