Olympian Christine visits Forest Gate students

Christine Ohuruogu with some of the students at St Bon's

Christine Ohuruogu with some of the students at St Bon's - Credit: Archant

There was a buzz of excitement when double Olympic medal winner and World Athletics Gold medal winner, Christine Ohuruogu, visited St Bonaventure’s in Forest Gate.

Christine met with a group of Psychology and Sports Science students from St Angela’s and St Bonaventure’s Sixth Form at St Bons and fielded questions about her sport and her many triumphs.

She even brought along her winning medals and allowed the students try them on.

Christine was born in Forest Gate Hospital, grew up in Stratford and is proud to say she still lives in Newham. She’s one of eight children and her older brother went to St Bons and has fond memories of the school she said.

She answered questions from the teenagers about her role models, if she has a race plan, her motivations, training and diet, what music she listens to during training, her goals in life and other probing questions.

Paul Halliwell, headteacher, said: “The Psychology students wanted to know what motivated Christine while the Sports Science were fascinated to hear about her training. We had some very talented athletes in the group including Emma Nwofor who’s a successful heptathlon athlete and Cleve Charles, a basketball champion, so they were intrigued to hear Christine’s recipe for success. It was a pleasure to welcome her into our school. She’s an inspiration and very humble and an excellent role model for all our students.”