Ofsted: Manor Park school goes from Inadequate to Outstanding

The Manor Park primary school has been declared Outstanding by Ofsted, having been given an Inadequate rating in 2017

Monega Primary School has been declared Outstanding by Ofsted, having been given an Inadequate rating at its last inspection in 2017 - Credit: Elizabeth Harris

A Manor Park school has gone from Inadequate to Outstanding with Ofsted in less than five years.

Monega Primary School has turned around its fortunes since becoming an academy after joining the Boleyn Trust in November 2017, a few months after it had received the lowest rating available to the regulatory body.

The 615-pupil school was declared Outstanding in a report published on Monday - March 14 - based on an inspection carried out across two days in January this year.

Found to be Outstanding in the five areas assessed by Ofsted, its report read: "Pupils at Monega get an exceptional deal and have the best start to their educational journey.

"They are rightly proud to be part of this school. Relationships between adults and pupils are especially strong. Bullying is rare and staff deal with any incidents seriously.

"Pupils do not experience any disrespectful language or behaviour. They are happy and safe here."

The report further notes that there has been "a complete change in leadership since the school converted to an academy".

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This turnaround has come much to the delight of headteacher Elizabeth Harris.

"The school has been through an incredible journey that would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all its pupils, parents, staff and governors," said Ms Harris.

"We are proud that Monega Primary School serves its community so well and provides a first class education for local children.

"This community deserves a school that will consistently provide an outstanding education, Monega primary school is now in a position to do just that.’’

The chief executive and accounting officer of The Boleyn Trust, Tom Canning OBE, lavished praise on the headteacher and her team. 

Heralding the improvement as a "phenomenal achievement", he said: "A jump from inadequate to outstanding on the new inspection framework is an astonishing journey.

"Many schools across the capital and beyond will be making their way to Monega to see how it was achieved."