Norwegian headteachers paid Forest Gate school a visit

Mr Jobbins giving a speech

Mr Jobbins giving a speech - Credit: Archant

Norwegian headteachers paid a visit to St Bonaventure’s to gain an understanding of the English education system.

Delegates from across Norway met with staff and students and observed lessons at the Boleyn Road, Forest Gate school on Tuesday last week.

The 22 visitors even got to hear speeches from deputy head teacher Vivienne Qurrey, who spoke about ensuring high standards, while assistant head Nick Jobbins led a talk on inclusion and students with special needs and disabilities.

Teaching school director Katie Smith, who organised the visit, said: “The Scandinavian educational system is a lot different to the way we teach, but the headteachers went away with a far better understanding of our methods and it was very interesting to hear their views on what they do in Norway.

“Feedback was extremely positive and we have had several headteachers inviting us to make a return visit.”

The visitors took a particular interest in the way the teachers and students interact, the encouragement of independent learning and how the school tries to make every child fulfil their potential.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn about the English schools’ system, a system that is very different to what they are used to,” Katie added.

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“They were fully immersed in our school practices for the day, meeting students and staff, looking at lessons and reflecting on their experiences.” Katie added.