Inspirational teaching at NewVIc helps students make a difference

Rabia Iqra PICTURE: supplied by NewVIc

Rabia Iqra PICTURE: supplied by NewVIc - Credit: Supplied by NewVIc

NewVIc sixth form student Rabia Iqra shares her lockdown experience and ambitions for her future

Rabia is in Year 13 and studies A-level psychology, A-level biology and forensic science applied science at Newham Sixth Form College.

What is your ambition for the future?

“My ambition is to complete a degree in biomedical science and have a positive impact on the future of healthcare. I want to be able to work with people and serve them in the best way possible. Apart from my studies and career, I hope to travel worldwide whilst being part of many exciting projects and hope to get myself involved in activities which create awareness and educate people on agendas that matter to me such as racism and climate change.”

Who is the most inspiring person you have met?

“One of my greatest inspirations is my biology teacher Jo Wehrfritz. She is someone that has always pushed me to do better and believes in me. She made me realise that I had the potential to do anything and everything I dreamed of. She is someone I always went to for advice and was never let down. She is a good role model, loves her job and I hope one day I can do my job with as much passion as her. Being in her class made me love biology even more than I did already. She worked so hard to support her class, putting in extra hours to help students or staying behind at lunch to help me understand things. It was these actions that really helped me have confidence in fighting my anxiety with exams.”

How has your lockdown experience been and what have you learned about yourself?

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“My lockdown experience has been very unique, definitely a year to remember. This critical period has taught me the importance of little things which perhaps I taken advantage of before. Things like going out with your friends, eating at the restaurant, a day at the park or even a walk to the supermarket seems were some things that I took for granted. Whilst being in lockdown I’ve spent lots of quality time with my family and have learnt a lot about myself.”

What do you think life could and should be life after Covid-19 and what are your hopes for the future?

“Life after Covid-19 will be a new beginning for many as we know lots of people have lost dear ones; whilst some are still struggling to work and adjusting to this new change. For the future, I hope the lesson which many of us have learnt through this pandemic is to stay united and equal. No discrimination. No racism. Good health. Love. That is the kind of world I dream of.”

What made you choose NewVIc?

“I chose NewVIc because of the huge range of opportunities it provides students with, such as the many different enrichment activities and impressive projects you can take part in. Since becoming a sixth form students at NewVIc, I was offered a place in a six-week citizen science programme with UCL University, became president of the Student Union and got involved in My World My Home - a project with Friends of the Earth designed to create tomorrow’s environmental leaders. NewVIc has never failed to give me the opportunities and support to achieve my goals.”

What is your advice for students considering NewVIc?

“My advice for prospective students is to develop a positive mindset, focus on yourself and be prepared to work independently. You need to be prepared to push yourself to do better and face up to any challenges. The jump from school to college is huge, you will be treated as an adult and be expected to take responsibility for yourself. You must be willing to put extra effort into everything you do and work hard if you want to succeed.”

What are your immediate plans? What’s next for you?

“I am hoping to start university in September to study Biomedical Science. Also, I am continuing working with Friends of the Earth - My World My Home, which I began at NewVIc, and hope to go on tours with the team once the situation with Covid-19 is better.