NewVIc sixth form student defies difficult upbringing

A NewVIc college student who was abandoned and taken into care after emigrating to the UK has been awarded a bursary.

Huong Thuy Nguyen, 18, bagged an A and two Bs in her A-levels and will study economics at Royal Holloway later this month.

But her impressive grades were achieved despite a backdrop of struggle since arriving on these shores from Vietnam.

She was handed the highly competitive bursary by the Helena Kennedy Foundation, and independent educational charity.

Trustees chose to award it to her after recognising her difficult circumstances.

Judges were moved and inspired by her focus and commitment to her studies in mathematics, economics, and psychology.

Huong said: “I’m really pleased to have been awarded the bursary.

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“Other young people should grab this really good opportunity to help you to go further,

“I’m really looking forward to starting at university, the course content looks really interesting and there is lots to get involved in.”

Huong, who came from Cumberland School in Plaistow, studied on the NewVIc honours programme.

Shahida Islam, from the Helena Kennedy Foundation, said they received a record number of applications this year.

She said: “Huoug Thuy Nguyen’s application really stood out, not just a talented student but as someone with a passion for learning who would have their life changed by attending university.”