Newham youngsters to learn music technology skills

Musicians and youth workers from across Newham have launched a new project for looked after young people.

The project will focus on music technology skills using the Newham Music Trust’s AudioLab scheme.

AudioLab music suites have been set up at Little Ilford and Beckton Globe Youth Zones and are mainly used to engage young people at risk of being excluded from school, or young people who are not in education, employment or training, and are considered at risk of committing crime.

This new project, funded by Youth Music, works from the established success of the AudioLab project, to focus on building confidence in Newham’s looked after young people.

The project engages upto 30 looked after young people aged 14-19 in musical activities such as writing and recording their own music, and performing as part of a vocal group, with an aim to increase confidence and self awareness in participants.

Sessions are held at Beckton Globe in Kingsford Way, Beckton and Little Ilford Learning Zone in Rectory Road, Manor Park.

Young people can get involved through their support workers by contacting Alison on 020 7540 6923, or by emailing