TV star teacher joins Get Into Teaching campaign

Teacher, Bobby Seagull, from Little Ilford School in Newham

Teacher, Bobby Seagull, from Little Ilford School in Newham. - Credit: Bobby Seagull

An east London maths teacher who is known from the quiz show University Challenge has joined 11 others in a campaign to inspire others into an education career.  

Teacher Bobby Seagull from Little Ilford School in Newham features in the film alongside Upminster's Engayne Primary School teacher, Abi Welton.  

The film, named My Favourite Subject, aims to encourage people to consider a career in teaching and highlights the teachers’ passion for inspiring “the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, artists, and linguists”. 

Research conducted by Censuswide on behalf of the Get Into Teaching campaign reveals that maths, English and history are the most enjoyed subjects in school.  

Many of the 2,000 people surveyed attributed their interest in their favourite subject thanks to a teacher's passion and 63 per cent of people found the knowledge learnt useful in their current job.

Bobby, who teaches 11- to 16-year-olds at the Ofsted-rated outstanding school, is also one of the “brains” on Channel 4’s The Answer Trap.  

The 37-year-old said: “I show my students the relevance of maths in the real world as it is everywhere. The other day when we did a lesson on ratios and proportions, I adapted my questions to use bake off as an example, as I know my students watch this and I do the same with football.  

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“Showing examples to my students that they can relate to makes the subject easier to understand and showing the relevance to real life means that I can later show them the more challenging academic side of maths.” 

Before working as a teacher, Bobby had been an investment banker and a charted accountant. However, after a sabbatical teaching new students joining the financial industry, he realised he loved teaching.  

Engayne primary school teacher, Abi Welton. 

Engayne Primary School teacher, Abi Welton. - Credit: Abi Welton

Abi said: “For me, you can’t beat the moments you see a student’s face light up when they learn something new in one of your lessons. 

“For me, the best part is seeing the excitement in children when they are captured by a lesson and knowing that I’m a part of that. It makes everything worthwhile. 

“I’m so proud to have contributed to today’s new film, which celebrates teachers’ love for their favourite subjects. I would encourage anyone thinking about their next steps who has the passion and potential to teach to find out more about making it their career.” 

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