Newham students hope crime event will leave a lasting legacy

Students at Newham College and NewVIc are working on a project to leave a positive legacy after the Olympic Games.

They will join more than one hundred young people from nine colleges in east London are taking part in the Legacy Champions programme to use the inspiration of the Games to tackle environmental and social issues through community action.

Olympic electricity suppliers EDF Energy are supplying 18 employees to act as mentors to the students and teaming up with youth action charity Envision.

Afusa Mukabaris, 16, is getting involved with the Legacy programme while studying for a BTEC in Sports Performance at NewVIc in Plaistow.

Afusa said: “I hope to go to university to study sports science and become a professional coach.

“I signed up to take part in the Legacy Champions programme as I am a good communicator and I like helping people.

“Our project is going to be based on talking to the community about crime.

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“We want people to be aware and teach them safety skills through music.

“Young people listen to us and communicate with us and we want to raise awareness of dangers through a music event.”

Last year, students from Newham College held a crime prevention workshop while NewVIc College hosted a mini-Olympics to encourage others to get active through sport.

This year’s programme was launched at City Edge in Hackney by Natasha Baker, International Para Dressage Rider, Gareth Wynn, London 2012 programme director for EDF, and Patrick Taylor, programmes manager at Envision.

Mr Wynn said: “Many young people in London will be inspired by what they see this summer.

“It is great to help capture some of their energy and to help them make a positive impact in their communities.

“These young people are the true role models for our capital city.

“As an official partner of the London 2012 Games, EDF is committed to helping with environmental and social issues and bringing the best out of people, which is exactly what Legacy Champions is designed to do.

“Providing mentors will help students develop their ideas, gain new skills and build their confidence as they work on important local projects.”